11/9/17: Westmont vs. Santa Teresa H.S.
Start: 6:00pm
Location: Warriors Stadium

2017 Playoffs: TBD

Being a part of the Westmont Football program will be an exciting challenge for you over the next few years. I can guarantee that you will benefit greatly from your experiences here if you’re willing to work with us in achieving the goals we set for you and your teammates. The challenge will be to take ownership of whether or not your experience will be a success or failure. Our program and school have very high expectations as to what a student athlete should be. It is your job from the moment you sign with us to the moment we celebrate your graduation and signing with a four year school to do everything possible to meet those expectations. I ask that you do four simple things to prepare yourself for success.

Trust – Trust that everyone associated with the program wants you to be successful both on and off the field.
Earn – You earn grades based on how committed you are to your academics a teacher will never “give” you a grade in school every grade is a product of your effort.
Act Appropriately – The way you get treated with respect is to show respect to all the people you come into contact with each day. Remember that everywhere you go you represent your family, the program & yourself. Lead by actions not words alone.
Motivate – Each day in the weight-room, classroom, and practice field outwork everyone in your position group and you will inspire your teammates to give their best on every play come Saturday.

Mahalo & Welcome to the Warrior Family! Head Coach Mark Kaanapu



Hello Warrior Football Parents! I hope all is well with you and your families. I am very excited about the 2015 football season. I have been hard at work making preparations for the summer player development period. I want to communicate with you about some important information related to your son’s participation in the football program with regard to this summer and next fall. The following information should be helpful in planning your summer activities, and for your general knowledge. I have also included a calendar for you and family to view. At the Team meeting on June 15 at 3pm in the gym we will be handing out a Football Packet Form, Medical Insurance Form, Physical Form, Acknowledgement of Rules, Concussion Form, and Warrior Handbook which all need to be completed By Aug 10 when we start our football orientation and season. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me.
Coach Mark Kaanapu: 831-235-2157, or email me:

Our Summer Conditioning and Drills will run for 6 weeks. The workouts will run from June 15– July 31. We will work out Monday through Thursday. We will start the workouts for Varsity Players at 1:00pm and finish at 4:30pm and the F/S players will work out from 4-630. The Fourth of July week we will take off July 3 and 4.
For us to be successful it is vital that your son show up and workout 4 days a week. Being in shape and being stronger is the key FOR US TO HAVE A SUCESSFUL SEASON! Our summer workouts are very important period for us because we will be implementing new schemes so for us to achieve the highest level of success, we must commit to being the best team we can be. Part of that is the responsibility and accountability to attend all workouts. Please do not schedule unnecessary conflicts with practice times. Remember, “The WILL is more important than the SKILL.” You must come in to practice and games with a great attitude, give great effort and have willingness to learn. This is vital to OUR SUCESS. Please do not tell your parents you will be done at the end of practice. Understand that you will have to get showered, dressed, and take care of any unfinished business before you leave the field and locker room. Allow at least thirty minutes after practice to take care of these things. If you have any questions please contact me at 831-235-2157

We are looking forward to coaching all of you this season. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a Westmont Warrior and about the upcoming year. We are going to have fun and we are going to win. Remember, you are a part of something special.

Mark Kaanapu
“Coach K”

2016 Warriors Football Season Highlights



Requirements to Participate on any Westmont Sports Team
Each athlete must have the "Training Regulations," "Buff-Physical Card," and "Concussion Information" forms complete BEFORE she or he may practice or play in the games with any Westmont athletics program.

Training Regulations Form

"Buff" Card/Physical Form

Concussion Form
  Click here to download the complete Summer & Fall football schedule.    

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